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5 Essential Skills of a Family Mediator

1. Active Listening

A good mediator will listen by fully concentrating, understanding and responding to what is being said by the parties.  Active listening may also involve the mediator clarifying the meaning of a message by asking further questions.

2. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise and manage your own emotions as well as responding to the emotions of others appropriately. Mediators are usually very skilled at relating to their clients.  They are good at understanding the needs and feelings of others to ensure their clients feel they are being heard. Moreover, mediators have excellent communication and conflict management skills to resolve disputes effectively.

3. Problem Solving

Every family is different in their construction, needs, and values. Consequently, a one size fits all approach will often fail to provide effective solutions to all families. Accordingly, a family mediator is usually an effective problem solver and able to adapt to the needs of a variety of families.

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