Our commercial lawyers are experienced in complex commercial contracts

The commercial contracts we draft, review, advise on and negotiate for clients are extensive in nature and can often be complex, thus it is vital that contracting parties properly understand and document the important legal rights and obligations they wish to create in order to best protect their interests and assets including in respect of:

  • agency and distribution agreements
  • business ownership agreements
  • intellectual property licensing and transfer agreements
  • confidentiality/restrictive covenant deeds
  • franchising agreements
  • sale and purchase of shares/units in a unit trust/business assets agreements
  • employment and independent contractor agreements
  • terms of trade, director guarantees and credit applications
  • supply and rental agreements
  • property leases, agreements for lease, licenses, incentive deeds, contracts for sale/purchase and options
  • liquor licensing
  • memorandums of understanding/heads of agreement
  • trust deeds
  • loan, security and mortgage agreements
  • deeds of release/terms of settlement

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