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Wills and estates have been a core part of our services for many years, looking after simple to complex estate planning needs. We provide advice and offer personal service that is both cost effective and practical.

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Our experienced lawyers can help assist you with:

Is Estate Planning for you?

We all care for our loved ones and want to make sure that all our assets we have worked so hard for are distributed to the people of our choice when we die. A proper estate plan will give you the peace of mind that you are properly looked after should you become incapacitated and your loved ones are properly looked after upon your death. Preparing a Will is the first step to ensure that your wishes for the distribution of your assets are carried out. Whether your estate is complex or comparatively simple, Matthews Folbigg can assist you to achieve your goals.

There is not one solution that fits all. An estate plan is unique. It is important to our estate planning team that we discuss your unique circumstances, understand your priorities and do the best to help you achieve your goals.

Just to mention a few: Whether you are concerned that your Will may be challenged, one of your beneficiaries may squander their inheritance or one of your beneficiaries suffers from a disability or you wish to protect your beneficiaries’ inheritance against the risk of ‘predators’ and ‘creditors’ or provide your beneficiaries with tax flexibility, we at Matthews Folbigg listen to all your wishes, concerns and objectives and provide you with a number of options and suggestions as to how to best protect the interests of those you care for.

As your circumstances or wishes change it is important to keep your estate plan up-to-date. You should review your estate plan documents in event of changes in your marital status, if you have (further) children or grandchildren or if there is a significant change in your financial circumstances. As a general rule you should review your estate plan documents at least every 4 years.

While traditionally Estate Planning involved little more than a simple Will, nowadays it is often much broader because some of your assets are owned in a way that means that they do not form part of your estate. For example, superannuation and assets in a family trust are not automatically covered by your Will.

Based at Parramatta in the heart of Sydney as well as an office in the CBD our estate planning team are sympathetic to your concerns and needs. We are also able to cater for non-English speaking clients and translate their needs and wishes into the appropriate documents.

Please send your enquiry below or give us a call today and let one of our experienced Wills and Estate Planning lawyers work alongside you on these very important documents.

More Information

There are two types of situations you may find yourself in that relate to Will disputes. Firstly, you may have been appointed as an executor under a person’s Will and need to address a claim made by another person or secondly you may want to make a claim against a person’s estate yourself. In either of these situations you may find the person ‘on the other side’ of a Will Dispute is a member of your close family.

If you or any of your friends have ever been involved in a Will Dispute you know that such a dispute can be very emotional, stressful, time consuming and expensive. It is therefore important that you have a specialised Will Dispute Lawyer next to you who listens, understands and provides you with the best advice. If you are looking for a Will Dispute Lawyer– Matthews Folbigg Lawyers are here to support and help you.

A Will Dispute may arise out of many reasons, for example you or another person may claim that

– a Will is invalid as the Willmaker did not have testamentary capacity or was unduly influenced; or
– the Willmaker has made a promise which he or she did not keep; or
– the gifts under a person’s Will are inadequate.

Our Will Dispute Lawyers are specialised in all types of Will Disputes and contested estate matters.

Located in Parramatta in the heart of Sydney and an office in the CBD our specialised Will Dispute Lawyers listen to you and guide you through that difficult time. It is our goal to achieve the best outcome for you by way of personal service and advice that is both cost effective and practical.

You have worked hard for your wealth and want to have peace of mind so you can enjoy your wealth now and when you retire and ensure that it passes to your intended beneficiaries. In order to achieve this you need a comprehensive asset protection strategy.

There is not one asset protection strategy that fits all. Asset protection through Superannuation might be the right strategy for your but the right strategy depends on your circumstances and goals. An asset protection strategy may address Wills and estate planning, superannuation, business succession, preservation and enhancement of business values, how to best manage family assets (including family businesses) and family disputes , tax flexibility as well as creating wealth for future generations.

Located in Parramatta in the heart of Sydney and an office in the CBD, our experienced Superannuation and Asset Protection lawyers provide discreet and practical advice and deliver practical solutions for all your personal and business affairs.

Often our superannuation is our biggest asset. It is therefore not surprising that there are approximately $1.6 trillion dollars held in superannuation funds (including self-managed superannuation funds).

The biggest misconception about superannuation is that upon your death it automatically forms part of your estate – THAT IS NOT THE CASE! You need to address your superannuation and what should happen to it upon your death separately.

Our self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) service includes

* Establishment of a SMSF
* Review of and preparation of up-dates to existing SMSF deeds
* Replacement and succession of Trustees
* Advice on compliance with superannuation legislation
* Borrowing through your SMSF to acquire assets
* Advice on and preparation of binding or non-lapsing binding death benefit nominations

Matthew Folbigg Lawyers will work together with you, your accountant, your financial planner and your other professional advisers to create the correct asset protection strategy for you and your family. We listen to your objectives, wishes and concerns and work them into an asset protection strategy to achieve your peace of mind.

Losing a family member or close friend is never easy. Acting as an executor or being a beneficiary under a Will can sometimes cause even more distress. The administration of a deceased estate does not need to be drawn out or create additional grief and concerns.

Located in Parramatta in the heart of Sydney and an office in the CBD, Matthews Folbigg Lawyers have been dealing with deceased estates and providing advice to the people of Western Sydney for
over 50 years.

We know that the death of a person raises a lot of questions, for example

– What are your rights and duties as an executor?

– What are you rights as a beneficiary?

– What does the Will actually say?

– What is involved in the administration of an estate and what should you do next?

Our Estate Administration team can help you. We will guide you during this difficult time by way of caring, experienced and supportive advice

We provide personal service and advice regarding

* Rights and duties of executors, administrators and beneficiaries

* Applications for:

– Grant of Probate
– Grant of Letters of Administration

* Distribution of estate assets between beneficiaries

* Wills Disputes

* Dealings with banks, Land Titles Office, share registries etc to arrange the transfer of estate assets

* Transfer of assets in joint ownership

* Administration of estates of all sizes

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