Whether you are buying or selling an established business/selected assets or buying or selling shares in a company or units in a unit trust we can provide you with the necessary advice and assistance including in respect of:

  • drafting, reviewing, advising on and negotiating the heads of agreement and the buy/sell agreement
  • drafting, reviewing, advising on and negotiating related documentation (including the terms of any relevant business ownership agreements and any contractual prohibitions/restrictions on buying/selling)
  • addressing key terms including conditions precedent, staged payments, restraints, intellectual property, warranties and limitations of liability
  • due diligence investigations
  • confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements
  • interdependency agreements (such as buying land)
  • dealing with third parties such as secured creditors and landlords
  • assignments of key contracts including those with suppliers, customers and landlords
  • advising on employment entitlements and claims
  • regulatory considerations such as the need for any competition or foreign investment approvals

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