Proper estate planning encompasses much more than just having a will in place. The modern day estate plan will require reviewing your enduring powers of attorney, appointments of enduring guardians and a consideration of any binding death benefit nominations in relation to your superannuation.

What we can do to assist you with your will document?

At Matthews Folbigg Lawyers, to ensure that your estate plan is appropriate for your circumstances, the following are just some of the aspects we will consider before we finalise your will document:

  1. The assets you currently own and how they are held to determine what type of will is appropriate for you.
  2. Your family circumstances as each will is different depending on these circumstances.
  3. Whether protecting certain beneficiaries inheritance or crafting a tax effective estate plan is of relevance to you.
  4. The choice of your executors.
  5. Whether you have young children and the consideration of appropriate guardians to be nominated for them.

What we can do to assist you with your enduring powers of attorney and appointment of enduring guardians?

As part of doing your estate plan with us, we will have a discussion with you around putting in place enduring powers of attorney and appointments of enduring guardian documents now.

These two documents are particularly useful and make it easier for your family in the event that you suffer from a loss of capacity.  If such an event does arise and you lose capacity your previously nominated attorneys can step in to make financial decisions on your behalf and your nominated enduring guardian would step into make health/medical related decisions for you.

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