Why should you choose Matthews Folbigg?

If you find yourself in a commercial dispute – Matthews Folbigg can assist

At Matthews Folbigg we believe that going to Court should be the last resort and only when all other options have failed. Our firm has been providing quality legal advice for nearly 60 years. We are one of the largest law firms outside the Sydney CBD and we believe disputes can be avoided when contract documents are prepared properly and we believe that informal settlement conferences, arbitration or mediation can provide resolution to commercial disputes without a formal court hearing. We work with our clients through each of these steps however when litigation becomes the only answer and where it is commercially sensible to do so, Matthews Folbigg can work with you in all jurisdictions.

Matthews Folbigg Lawyers exists to make a difference for our clients. We take pride in our work and in the role we play in helping our clients to succeed by finding solutions, resolving disputes, minimising risk, seizing opportunities and creating and protecting enterprise value and personal wealth. We offer a full range of litigation and dispute resolution services through a large team of experienced and practical lawyers and our clients benefit from FREE legal updates and access to informative webcasts.

What we do

Amongst the vast range of services we provide:

Commercial Disputes – Many disputes arise out of poorly prepared documents or no written agreement, however disputes still may arise even when documents and agreements have been well thought through. If you are in a commercial dispute, one of our litigation and dispute resolution lawyers can assist you to reach a desired decision outside of court. Where no decision is reached at that stage, we can assist and represent you throughout the Court process.

Arbitration and Mediation – Arbitration and mediation assist the resolution of disputes without a formal court hearing. The process of arbitration and mediation should have the assistance of one of our experienced lawyers because the outcome is often final and affects your rights.

Property Disputes – Our lawyers at Matthews Folbigg can provide advice on property and leasing disputes.

Sale of Business Disputes – Selling a business requires multiple components and laws to be adhered to. The task of transferring assets and adhering to your contract can be complicated. Matthews Folbigg can provide you with an experienced litigation and dispute resolution lawyer who can ease these complications.

Australian Consumer Law – Consumer law includes misleading and deceptive conduct claims and can become very complex. We can assist with these types of claims.

Intellectual Property Disputes – We offer services to register, commercialise and enforce any intellectual property right. These include but are not limited to trademarks, infringements of copyright, notices of breach and IP litigation before the Supreme Court of NSW, Federal Court of Australia, Court of Appeal of both NSW and Commonwealth.

Building Disputes – Building disputes can be complicated and take long periods of time to resolve. We can identify at an early stage when it is best to attempt to resolve a matter rather than the matter proceedings to Court or a Tribunal.

Debt Recovery – We provide a full range of debt recovery services including and up to initiating court proceedings where appropriate

Enforcement – We can assist you to enforce civil court proceedings including recovering money ordered to be paid.

All litigation – We act in all jurisdictions relating to a myriad of different types of litigation including the Supreme Court of NSW, Federal Court of Australia, Court of Appeal of both NSW and Commonwealth, the Land & Environment Court and various Tribunals. Matthews Folbigg can provide you with an experienced litigation and dispute resolution lawyer who can ease these complications.

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If you would like to know more about how we help our clients to succeed and why companies across Australia in many different industries choose to work with us, all you need to do is contact us and without obligation we will explain why we are able to offer the best value legal advice you will ever receive and the tailored assistance we can provide.

We serve all of the legal needs of individuals, government and businesses, regardless of their complexity, throughout all of Sydney and beyond.

We are industry leaders, and we never lose sight of the outcome that you want. We guide you through the legal process to achieve that outcome.

Our growth and our success, comes from the growth and success of our clients.

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