Council Governance

Local governments are the third tier of government under the State or Territory and Federal government. Local governments are responsible for different areas within a state and can range vastly in character and size. Metropolitan and urban regions are represented by city councils whereas rural areas are served by shire councils.

What is Council Governance?

Council governance is crucial to the smooth and successful continued functioning of councils. Effective council governance is involved in all the processes, systems, policies, practices and programs that enable councils to best serve their community interests and needs.

Local councils are led by a mayor along with a body of elected councilors whom represent the interests and needs of the community at committees, council meetings and functions. Councilors are predominantly in charge of developing council policies that best reflect the interests of the community. The council also employs staff to deliver the services provided by local governments.

Role of Local Governments

Local governments facilitate the day-to-day operations of local communities and provide different services that meet the needs of the public. Amongst the various services delivered, local councils oversee, shape and manage town planning, waste management, economic development and provide community services and facilities such as libraries.

Powers and Functions

The powers of local governments are governed and regulated by various Acts of State Parliament and in particular, the Local Government Act 1993 (‘The Act’). The Act provides the legal framework for local governments, sets out the powers and responsibilities of councilors, councils and other persons and bodies that form the system of local government.

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