Deceased Estate

A portion of deceased estates will turn into a contested estate. A dispute in an estate could turn litigious for a number of reasons such as any of the following:

  1. A family member or other person with a “special relationship” that have been left out of the will or perceive they have been inadequately provided for under a will can make what is called a family provision claim against the estate.
  2. There is a dispute regarding the capacity of the willmaker at the time of making the will.
  3. There is an allegation that the executor or administrator of the estate are behaving inappropriately and should be removed.

We are noticing an increasing number of estate disputes arising.  This increase in disputes can be partly attributed to the overall greater wealth in estates, an aging population and the prevalence of blended families.

How can we help you?

At Matthews Folbigg Lawyers we have successfully acted for executors/administrators in defending claims and also applicants.  We will give you an early assessment of the merits of your case if the relevant facts are available and outline to you your prospects of success or risks if you want to pursue your claim.

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