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Debt Collection – Who Signed the Document?

By Darrin Mitchell, Senior Associate at Matthews Folbigg in the Insolvency, Restructuring and Debt Recovery Group

In the current age of technology, with capabilities to do just about anything, it seems redundant and “old fashioned” to be asked to execute a document by hand writing your signature on a sheet of paper! Because of this, debt collection can be a distinct (and difficult) exercise.

When opening a credit account, a supplier of goods and/or services will generally forward a Credit Application and a Deed of Guarantee to the customer. These documents are helpful in debt collection as they include information from the customer as to the customer’s financial viability, and security for the repayment of amounts owing should debt collection become necessary. In days gone by, these documents were to be completed by the customer physically writing on the forms as required, then posting these back to the credit provider, or perhaps giving the documents to a sales representative for the supplier.
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