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In attempting to place your child on the Family Law Watchlist it is strongly advised that you seek advice on child custody laws in order to understand your child custody rights and subsequently be able to complete the application form successfully.

Applications for the Family Law Watchlist must be specific and not implied indicating absolute or conditional prohibition on travel. This is a crucial aspect of the process and thus it is highly recommended that you obtain child custody laws advice prior to seeking court orders in order to enhance the successfulness and outcome of your case.

Speak to our Family Law team today to guide you through the process and assist you in knowing your entitlements under child custody laws. Our specialist custody and divorce lawyers are able to look at the best outcome for you and your child or children to ensure their interests and safety are well looked after. Further, they will be able to guide you through the watchlist process and clarify any queries you have.

Speak to one of them today.

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Family law situations can be complex and sometimes they can involve serious issues.  Information outlined is proposed to provide general guidance only. Due to the seriousness of legal matters as well as the uniqueness of your individual situation, professional advice should be sought. For advice, please contact one of our Family Lawyers.