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Divorce Advice for Men

The period following the decision to divorce is difficult for both parties.

Divorce cases, particularly involving children, are stereotyped as being unfair towards men. This was rightfully assumed in the past, whereby the Courts would often approach divorce from a female perspective. However, divorce proceedings are much more balanced today, due to sound legal advice and various organisations which look to support the wellbeing of men.

One aspect of family law most parents are concerned with is custody. There is a common belief that the Court is more partial to women when it comes to child custody arrangements. If this is one of your concerns, you should begin documenting your interactions with your child, for example, taking them to extracurricular activities, attending parent-teacher conferences, helping them with homework. This will be proof of your active engagement in your child’s life.

Another thing you should document are the activities in joint bank accounts, as well as getting your financial paperwork in order. If possible, close the joint account. This ensures your money is not being used by your ex-spouse.

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