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Local Councils: Waste Less, Recycle More Grants

The New South Wales Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has released a timetable for the next four years of Waste Less, Recycle More grants.    Waste Less, Recycle More Grants are aimed at stimulating new investment to transform waste and recycling in NSW.  The grants assist Local Councils to recycle more and reduce dumping and littering in their local government areas.

The Grants program is designed to modernise the waste sector in NSW, including for local councils to improve the delivery of waste services to the community and to ensure a clean environment.

Local Councils are encouraged to participate in reducing waste and litter whilst increasing recycling.

A full timetable of the grants is available on the EPA Website.


Funding for the next four years is $337 million including $30 million for litter reduction grants, $4 million of that is specifically for Council litter grants and $70 million is for Council’s waste and resource recovery projects.

Waste Less, Recycle More

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Swimming Pools – Selling or Leasing a property

From April 2016 new laws were enacted relating to the sale or leasing of properties in NSW with swimming pools.

Who is affected?

The laws affect the following stakeholders, in relation to properties with pools:

  • the vendor;
  • the purchaser;
  • the tenant;
  • the landlord;
  • the real estate agent;
  • the local Council;
  • an accredited Certifier.

What are the requirements?

Properties sold with a pool must have either:

  • a certificate of compliance;
  • relevant occupation certificate and certificate of registration; or
  • a certificate of non-compliance.

Properties leased with a pool must have either:

  • a certificate of compliance; or
  • a relevant occupation certificate and certificate of registration.

What is the role of Local Councils?

Local Councils are responsible for educating about backyard pool safety in their local communities including swimming pool inspections and community education.  The NSW Government also encourages safety through its swimming pool register and “Be Pool Safe” campaign.

Councils are required to:

  1. Develop and implement a swimming pool barrier inspection program in consultation with their communities.
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Amalgamated Local Councils – Stronger Communities Fund

The NSW Government created the ‘Stronger Communities Fund’ to assist amalgamated local councils begin the delivery of projects to improve community infrastructure and services.

Stronger Communities Fund Grants

Grants available are $10 Million for councils formed as a result of two Councils merging.  $15 Million is available where three or more Councils merged.

Up to $1 Million of the grant to is available to be allocated to incorporated not-for-profit Community Groups, while the rest of the money is to be spent on infrastructure and services.

Criteria & Assessment

The Stronger Communities Guidelines assist Councils to allocate grants by providing criteria to select community grants, criteria to assess projects and a list of ineligible projects.

Major Projects that are prioritised for funding must:

  • have been through a community consultation process;
  • demonstrate social and/or economic benefits to the community;
  • consider issues of sustainability and equity across the broader community;
  • demonstrate project feasibility and value for money, including full lifecycle costs;
  • did not have funds allocated by the former councils; and
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