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Employment Law – Chauffeur Who Had Minimal Control a Worker

Employment Law – Background

The South Australian Employment Tribunal has found that a chauffeur, who provided “little more than his labour” and exercised minimal control to limousine company Blue Ribbon Passenger Services, was a worker not an independent contractor.

Employment Law – Decision

The South Australian Employment Tribunal:

  • determined that the arrangements between Blue Ribbon and its chauffeur was a contract of service, and as such the chauffeur was a worker for the purposes of workers’ compensation law
  • believed in this circumstance the chauffer was “providing little more than his labour” within “Blue Ribbon’s systems and practices of work”
  • concluded that the chauffeur operated within the “obedient milieu” put down by Blue Ribbon, as they told him which vehicle to drive and where to pick up/drop off customers, booked and allocated jobs through its systems or Uber and required him to complete worksheets daily to record his jobs. He also had no flat weekly fee or minimum hours and no set hours of work
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