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Who keeps the family dog? How a separation lawyer can help determine pet ownership

Following a divorce or separation, couples often see a separation lawyer to assist them in reaching an agreement as to the distribution of assets such as houses, vehicles and other valuable items.

But who keeps the family dog?

For many a dog isn’t just a pet, he is man’s best friend, your security guard, a cuddle buddy and the one you tell all your problems to. His value is priceless.

So how does the Court determine who gets to keep this little furry member of the family if parties can’t agree?

Unlike with parenting matters, the Court does not have the power to make an order determining where a pet is to reside. Nor does the Court have the power to order if and when the other party will be permitted to spend time with the pet or required to financially support the pet. The Court can however make a determination as to who the pet will be the property of.

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