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At Matthews Folbigg Lawyers, we have a team of lawyers and clerks ready, wiling and able to cater for your debt collection requirements.  Aside from being lawyers, members of our team have been involved in debt recovery for over 30 years, helping companies and individuals recover monies due and owing to them working with finance companies and mercantile agents seeing first hand the nuts and bolts of dealing with debtors.

This experience has given us a boost in assisting our clients to recover monies in-house up to the management of a full blown hearing where the debtor defends everything from non-supply of goods to alleging that the goods supplied were defective.  It also allows us to give you advice on the implications of debt collection, so you can make practical, commercial decisions.

Why should I use a lawyer for debt collection?” is a good question many may ask.  The answer is that in most cases you should not use a lawyer.  Most lawyers don’t have the X factor that will get a debt recovered as for most, debt collection is just one of many areas of law listed on the firm’s “We Do …” list on their webpage.

At Matthews Folbigg we have work groups that focus on various areas of law including my group which focuses on debt recovery and insolvency.  Our insolvency and debt collection group has eight lawyers, supported by a number of law clerks, and all we do is advise on debt recovery and insolvency matters.  We have the X factor needed to collect your debt.

How does that benefit me?” you may ask – well the benefit is that debt collection is what we do – it’s not an afterthought.  This gives you the confidence that you are dealing with a team who knows what they are doing and our experience can help you avoid the pitfalls that often come with a poorly planned and so costly collection action.

Are you sick of the commission payments on every dollar collected as well as paying legal costs?  At Matthews Folbigg, we don’t charge commissions on the monies collected, only for the work that we do and process issued, which, depending on your terms and conditions, can be recoverable from the debtor.  No commissions surely has to be a benefit to you and your business and helps should settlement your claim come to the table.

On your instructions we post and email letters of demand that cater for your needs – be that to the local cosmetic seller or the interstate truck driver.  A letter of demand from a lawyer has a big impact on the recipient as most would know; the next step is legal action.  We will of course take the time to discuss with you the options available so that you can make an informed decision taking into consideration time and costs estimated on each available path.

At Matthews Folbigg we can provide you with the tools to assist you in the debt collection team in your business and we are only a telephone call away.  For further information, please call one of our Debt Collection lawyers on 9635 7966.