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By Hayley Hitch, an Associate of Matthews Folbigg Lawyers in our Insolvency, Restructuring and Debt Recovery Group

Do you hate debt collection? Do you have a list of debt collection tasks that is getting longer every day? Have you been unable to accomplish the critical debt collection part of debt collection? If only debt collection were easier, and there was some way of moving those pesky debtors off the debt collection ledger! And don’t forget the cashflow side of debt collection – wouldn’t you like to have a bit extra cashflow back in your budget?

You need a Debt Collection Lawyer!

Matthews Folbigg assists clients with a range of debt collection services, including issuing letters of demand, negotiating settlements, negotiating instalment arrangements with debtors, and where the debt collection process requires, commencing court proceedings and enforcing judgments. We can also assist with debt collection before it even becomes debt collection – making sure you protect your interests by reviewing your terms of trade and where applicable, assisting with the registration of caveats, or personal property security registrations. Debt collection doesn’t need to wait until debts are overdue. We want to help you come through COVID-19 with a breath of fresh air and a tidy debt collection ledger.

A debt collection Lawyer is specialised in all things debt recovery. At Matthews Folbigg Lawyers, we have a team of debt collection lawyers that are experienced and have assisted hundreds to recover their debts.

If you have a list of debtors, or any debt collection questions, we can help you! Help us help you!

If you would like more information or advice in relation to insolvency, restructuring or debt collection law, contact Hayley Hitch at or a Principal of the Matthews Folbigg Insolvency, Restructuring & Debt Recovery Group:

Jeffrey Brown on (02) 9806 7446 or

Stephen Mullette on (02) 9806 7459 or