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Misuse of Confidential Information – Evidence relied upon after the fact

In the recent decision of Finemore v CMIB Insurance Services Pty Limited [2016] FWC 8517, an employer successfully relied upon evidence of misuse of its confidential information discovered following the termination of employment, in order to defend itself from an unfair dismissal claim.

The Facts

The Applicant had been employed by the Respondent (a small business employer) for approximately six years, most recently in the role of Account Executive. The Applicant was employed under a written employment contract containing several post-employment obligations including an obligation to preserve the Respondent’s confidential information

On 28 April 2016, the Applicant notified the Respondent that she was resigning her employment, and provided one month’s notice of resignation.  The Respondent accepted the Applicant’s resignation and confirmed the Applicant’s final day of employment would be 31 May 2016.

However, on 3 May 2016, the Respondent discovered that the Applicant had emailed to her personal email address a detailed Excel spreadsheet (along with other confidential files) shortly after submitting her resignation. The Respondent’s directors directed the Applicant to attend a meeting, at which time the allegations were put to her. The Respondent considered the Applicant’s responses to the allegations to be unsatisfactory, and summarily terminated her employment on the ground of serious misconduct.
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