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Online Development Applications

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (the Department) has announced plans to move the lodgement of Development Applications (DAs) online, saving significant time for applicants.

The average time taken to prepare and submit a traditional DA is up to ten (10) days. The Department’s proposed online system has the potential to reduce this time to thirty (30) minutes.

Whilst some Local Councils currently allow online submissions of DAs, the Department proposes a unified system which will be a “one stop shop” for development applications and complying development certificates. In the future the system will connect any type of application to be lodged to any local council within New South Wales.

Features of the Proposed Online DA Lodgement System:

  • standardised requirements for documents submitted with DAs
  • additional contextual guidance provided to applicants
  • function to check whether or not complying development can be undertaken on a property
  • submission and lodgement of complying development certificates online
  • viewing of spatial data of a property online
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