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Employment Agreements

The Importance of Comprehensive Employment Agreements
Navigating Australia’s complex employment system can pose significant challenges for employers including when it comes to employment agreements.

Protect and Defend
The importance of comprehensive employment agreements cannot be overstated as they can:

  • afford an employer greater control and power over matters such as remuneration, duties, termination, confidential information, intellectual property and restrictive covenants
  • promote compliance and consistency with the Fair Work Act and relevant industrial laws and instruments
  • assist employees to minimise (and sometimes eliminate) a wide variety of claims including underpayment claims and breach of contract / constructive dismissal claims
  • assist employers to pursue claims for any loss suffered due to an employee breach of a confidentiality, intellectual property and/or restrictive covenant obligation

Depending upon the situation at hand, the costs of not having comprehensive employment agreements in place can be catastrophically high.

Essential Terms
Terms that should be contained in a comprehensive employment agreement include: