Difference between a volunteer and an employee

The Fair Work Commission in Grinholz v Football Federation Victoria Inc has provided useful criteria, which can be used in order to determine whether a contract is an employment contract or a contract between a volunteer and an organisation.[1]

When determining whether a contract is an employment contract, the Fair Work Commission will have regard to a number of factors, including:

  • Does the individual work solely for the organisation?
  • Does the organisation deduct income tax from remuneration paid?
  • Is the individual paid by periodic wages or a salary?
  • Does the individual’s work create goodwill or saleable assets for the employer’s business?

These factors are not exhaustive. However, they are still a useful guide for how the Fair Work Commission will determine whether a contract is an employment contract or a contract with an independent contractor, under workplace law.

Tips for Employers

Employers should:

  • seek employment law advice from an employment lawyer, if you are unsure about the characterisation of an individual’s role within your organisation
  • keep up to date with any changes to workplace law to ensure that your employment contracts comply with workplace law
  • ensure compliance with any obligations imposed by workplace laws, especially when drafting employment contracts


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DISCLAIMER: This article is provided to clients and readers for their general information and on a complimentary basis. It contains a brief summary only and should not be relied upon or used as definitive or complete statement of the relevant workplace law.

[1] [2016] FWC 7976