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In response to growing social pressures driven by the #MeToo movement, the Australian Human Rights Commission has launched a year long  ‘’in-depth examination’’ of sexual harassment in the workplace.  The inquiry aims to determine the main drivers of sexual harassment in the workplace, and the use of technology and social media and its legal framework.

Sex discrimination commissioner Kate Jenkins stated that the inquiry was a “huge step in the right direction” as “we need to continue to create a society where this kind of conduct is unthinkable and where sexual harassment at work is not something people simply have to put up with”. More importantly, the inquiry will provide employees, employers and all members of the public with an opportunity to participate in developing a solution to ensure Australian workplaces are safe and respectable for everyone”.

As it stands, more than 20 per cent of people of 15 years old in Australia have been sexually harassed, with 68 per cent harassed in the workplace. The purpose of the inquiry is aimed to work out solutions to drastically reduce those figures and hopefully lead to an increase in women in top leadership and executive roles.


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