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NSW Trade and Investment has released a white paper earlier in 2014 which looks at reviewing the state’s Crown Lands legislation.

NSW Crown land makes up 42% of land within NSW and is comprised of showgrounds, beaches, land for restaurants, golf courses, farms, racecourses and waterways. These lands are subject to the bureaucracy of 8 different pieces of legislation which results in a slow, inefficient means of contracting between the public and private sector.

The paper intends to consolidate these acts into one, which would create streamlined and clearer information for those seeking to engage with crown land. The paper also considers further development of the crown lands division into a Public Trading Enterprise which seeks growth in commercial performances to increase returns for the government portfolio and providing increased enforcement powers and compliance measures against damage to and unlawful use of crown land.

The proposals are significant for a vast majority of the population whether it is the general public, businesses or communities alike. The changes would be applied to existing and future users of crown land particularly those invested in the tourism and agribusiness industries.

Many of the reforms suggested provide the opportunity for businesses and communities to take up crown land opportunities faster and easier while also ensuring that the duties and compliance between the state and the private sector is much clearer.


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