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NEW! Domestic Violence Leave

The Fair Work Commission has released the final version of the model term to be included in all modern awards to provide for unpaid leave to deal with family and domestic violence.

Start Date

The new clause will apply as and from the first full pay period on or after 1 August 2018.

Key Terms

In essence, the clause:

  • applies to all employees (including casuals)
  • entitles employees to 5 days’ unpaid leave regardless of an employee’s ordinary hours of work (ie, it is not pro-rated for part-time employees)
  • allocates the unpaid leave in full at the commencement of each 12 month period (rather than accruing progressively during a year of service)
  • does not allow the unpaid leave to accumulate from year to year
  • does not require an employee to utilise any available paid leave before applying for the unpaid leave
  • requires an employee to comply with the standard notice and evidence requirements prescribed by the Fair Work Act to support the claim for unpaid leave, however, where such evidence is provided specific confidentiality obligations apply

Proposed Changes to the Fair Work Act

The Federal Government has announced it intends to amend the Fair Work Act to provide the same unpaid leave entitlement to all national system employees (eg, so it will apply to employees covered by an enterprise agreement).

Action Plan for Businesses

Employers need to be aware of this entitlement and will need to plan for potential absences accordingly.

Businesses should also put in place reporting systems that can handle and keep sensitive employee information about domestic and family violence so as to avoid complaints about confidentiality breaches.

More Information

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