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There is a great deal of focus both by the media and by Courts on domestic violence issues for families and the law.

The Federal Government announced significant funding in the first half of 2017 to provide support, assistance and guidance to both victims of domestic violence and partners where an issue of domestic violence has been raised in the proceedings.

The purpose of the funding is to ensure that all parties have access to both support and education where appropriate in order to reduce the impact on families of domestic violence.

The program acknowledges that victims of violence can be both partners, therefore a program which is confined to women only would not serve the community at large to meet these concerns.

It is also important to provide support and resources to any spouse where the allegations have been made as against them.  The Court does recognise and have regard to any litigants who might have had a problem in the past but are addressing those concerns in an educative process to assist and allay concerns as to domestic violence.

Most Court complexes including the Family Court at Parramatta provide a Legal Aid Solicitor to give assistance and advice to litigants. The recent services advocated and provided by the Federal Government are in addition to these Legal Aid Services which have always been available at the Court.

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