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Separated but not divorced? Your ex-spouse may have a claim on your estate.

Have you separated from your spouse but have not legally divorced? If you are still married your ex-spouse is eligible to make a claim on your estate, despite any written intentions in your Will.

Under the rules of succession, you have a legal and moral right to provide for your spouse, children and financial dependants. Although you may not currently provide financial support to your ex-spouse and have updated your Will to exclude them as a beneficiary, your legal obligation will still exist, allowing that person to make a claim on the assets and superannuation benefits in your estate. The only way to sever these legal obligations to provide for your spouse is by obtaining a divorce. A ‘legal separation’ is not sufficient to prevent an ex-spouse from making a claim, what is required is a divorce certificate.

Following a separation and/or divorce it is important to update your Will. At this time you should also update your Enduring Power of Attorney and Appointment of Enduring Guardian.

If you do not have a Will and die ‘intestate’, the consequences of failing to legally sever ties with your ex-spouse through a formal divorce may be different. >>>> Click here (link is external) for more information.

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