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The Biosecurity Bill 2014 is to replace the century-old Quarantine Act 1908 and act as a modern regulatory tool in managing biosecurity risks that pose a threat to human, animal and plant health as well as the economy and environment. The Quarantine Acthas been amended more than 50 times and has created a complex body of legislation with overlapping provisions and powers. The Biosecurity Bill seeks to rectify this and create a clear, consistent body of environmental law.

The bill proposes greater powers for management of a wider range of pests and diseases already present in Australia. The proposed legislation will do this by clearly setting out the powers that can be exercised by officials and the requirements of those being regulated. The bill ensures that the relevant authorities are given adequate power to monitor any pest or disease entering the Australian territory. It seeks to encompass and build upon all the amendments made to the Quarantine Act to create a consistent body of environmental law.

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