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New! Visa & Permanent Residency Options for Hong Kong Residents

From 9 July 2020, certain Hong Kong residents currently in Australia can seek an extension of their visas for 5 years and may even be eligible for permanent residency at the end of that time!

Residency Possibility – Student Visa & Temporary Graduate Visa Holders

  • current and prospective Hong Kong students who are eligible for the temporary graduate visa will be able to apply for a 5 year visa with a pathway to permanent residency thereafter
  • current temporary graduate visa holders from Hong Kong can extend their visa for 5 years with a pathway to permanent residency thereafter
  • regional students from Hong Kong will have a pathway to permanent residency after 3 years

Residency Possibility – Temporary Skilled Visa (subclass 482) Holders

  • current visa can be extended for another 5 years with a pathway to permanent residency thereafter
  • Hong Kong residents may be eligible for a 5 year visa irrespective of their occupation skills list (subject to meeting other eligibility criteria) and also have a pathway to permanent residency thereafter

Fast Track – Global Talent Employer Sponsored and Business Innovation and Investment Programs (subclass 188 and 132)

  • Hong Kong residents will be prioritised and a dedicated case officer will be allocated to processing visa applications from Hong Kong

Business Incentives – Export Businesses

  • will be offered visa and economic incentives
  • businesses with regional headquarters outside of Hong Kong will also be eligible

Act Now!

If you or someone you know would like to act to take advantage of these programs before they disappear or the rules change, please contact the Migration team at Matthews Folbigg Lawyers on 9635 7966 to discuss how we can assist you to benefit from these opportunities.

 Minh Huynh
Solicitor & Migration Agent
MARN 1789271

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