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What is it?
Quantum Meruit‘ simply means ‘the amount deserved‘ (ie, reasonable/market value).

Why is it Important?
In essence, the principle is designed to remedy a situation where it would be unjust or unfairfor a party to enjoy a benefit without compensating the other party.

Recent Application 
Progressive Pod Properties P/L v A & M Green Investments P/L [2012] NSWCA 225


  • P and G owned undeveloped parcels of land opposite another.
  • P and G obtained approval to develop their parcels of land on condition that a roundabout be built by Council to facilitate entry onto their land.
  • G advised P that it would ‘take ages‘ if P and G relied on Council to build the roundabout.
  • After asking G to determine the cost of the roundabout, P informed G that it intended to sell its parcel of land (but the cost was factored into the price and P was ‘not going anywhere‘).
  • G constructed the roundabout and claimed half the cost which P refused to pay.
  • G claimed a quantum meruit from P for half the cost of the roundabout.

Final Decision 

P won because the Court found:

  • there was no implied (much less express) request by P for G to build the roundabout.
  • even if there was a request, G did not rely on it in deciding to proceed.

Lesson Learned 

Although the doctrine of quantum meruit may apply in some situations it is DANGEROUS to rely upon it as a safety net for all situations. Thus, the best approach is to ENSURE all agreed terms are properly documented and signed by all parties.

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