Employee fined

The Federal Circuit Court (FCC) has fined an employee who failed to give notice of his resignation in accordance with modern award provisions.


The employee:

  • was required to give two weeks’ notice under the applicable award and eight weeks’ notice under his employment contract if he wished to resign
  • resigned without providing the notice required by his employment contract after he had just completed training in the United States at the expense of the employer


The FCC held that:

  • the employee breached workplace law, under section 45 of the Fair Work Act, by contravening a term of a modern award
  • the FCC issued a fine of $2,250 to the employee for this breach of workplace law, to be paid to the Commonwealth


Key reasons for the decision were:

  • there was a need for specific and general deterrence
  • employees need to understand that they cannot flout the conditions of their employment contract
  • the penalty needed to demonstrate that the Fair Work Act is a two-way street” and that breaches of workplace law, damaging an employer, will also be met with penalties

Tips for Employers

The decision highlights the need for employers to:

  • ensure compliance with enterprise agreements, awards and workplace law (as well as any other employment contract obligations)
  • be mindful that penalties for breach of an enterprise agreement or award can apply

More Information

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