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Ever wondered what your job rates on the ‘danger’ scale?

Analysed data from Safe Work Australia has confirmed Australia’s top 10 most dangerous industries to work in.

The data shows that if you work in agriculture, forestry or fishing then you are at the highest risk for work-related traumatic personal injury and fatality. In 2015 there were 52 fatalities and 3,410 serious injuries in these industries.

The transport, postal and warehousing industries come in 2nd at about half the risk, closely followed by the construction industry, then manufacturing as the 4th most dangerous industry.

Health care and social assistance came in at number 7, and administrative and support services ranked 10th and last in the risk ranking list.

While the health care industry resulted in the highest number of serious injuries in 2015 at 17,656, there were just 2 fatalities in the same year out of over 1.4 million workers.

The manufacturing and construction industries resulted in 13,725 and 12,575 serious injuries, respectively, in 2015.

You can view the statistics for the top 10 most dangerous industries here.

An industry’s risk factor may also come at a higher financial cost for its employees when they purchase certain types of insurance.

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