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Independent Skilled Visa

What is an Independent Skilled Visa?

Independent Skilled Visas are a number of visa subclasses that follow a point system which allows overseas nationals whose skills are in demand to come and remain in Australia permanently.

Do note that the visa subclass 489 is also an independent skilled visa – however, this is a temporary visa which, subject to your eligibility, would be a better option if you cannot apply for other permanent visas.

Which occupations are currently on demand?

The list of the relevant occupations is provided by a number of legislative instruments made by the Minister and is summarised here. Please note that there are more than one list and these lists are subject to frequent changes. The information provided on the Department’s website may not be up to date.

If your job is linked to the occupations on the MLTSSL (Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills List), you are likely able to apply for a permanent visa.

Some occupations on the STSOL (Short Term Skilled Occupation List) will also allow you to apply for a permanent visa (however, this will be more difficult).

Do talk to us to see if you can apply.

My job is on the list, what should I do next?

If your experience and qualification are suitable for a permanent visa, your next steps will be:

1. Skill Assessment

This is a necessary step for most occupations to certify that both your qualification and experience are relevant to the occupation you have nominated.

Be careful as it is common to see the Skill Assessor considering part of your work experience as irrelevant or as initial training and excluding you from claiming these experience which in effect, reduces the total points you might get; and

2. obtain sufficient points to be invited to make the application

You can only apply for the permanent visa after you have been invited. The higher your points are, the more likely you will be invited.

You receive points based on your age, English skills, Australian and overseas qualification, work experience and other factors.

As the Department restricts the number of migrant intake, the threshold to be invited is expected to climb higher each year.

How can we help you?

  • consultation with you in Australia or overseas (you can apply for a permanent visa under this category from overseas)
  • assisting in obtaining a successful Skill Assessment
  • discussing in details about your history and reviewing your experience to maximise the points you can get


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