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Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

What happens when a dispute arises with the workers compensation insurer?
If a dispute arises as to liability or part of a claim, you can request the insurance company to review their decision. If this is still unsuccessful, your claim will be referred to the Workers Independent Review Office (WIRO). They can then also decide and give you advice to see a workers compensation lawyer.
Certainly we have brought many claims where liability has been in dispute with funding from WIRO to pay legal costs so that workers are not out of pocket to pursue their rights.
It is important to seek expert legal advice and assistance from a specialist workers compensation lawyer to deal with any disputes with insurance companies.
If you are experiencing a dispute with an insurance company regarding a workers compensation claim, please call us to arrange a Telephone Conference to discuss your compensation entitlements with one of our experts. Call 1300 773 529 or email a Personal Injury lawyer at

Our Personal Injury Lawyers can provide practical solutions and exceptional results in relation to your personal injury claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.
Matthews Folbigg has over 50 years’ experience protecting personal injury and worders compensation rights of people living in Parramatta and the Hills.