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Medical treatment can be unpredictable and sometimes even the most experienced medical professionals cannot prevent illness or personal injury. However, something to be aware of when consulting a health care professional is your right to “informed consent” when receiving treatment.

Doctors aren’t obliged to discuss every single possible risk or complication with you. However, they must act “reasonably” by warning you of the well known and/or potentially serious consequences of your treatment, those consequences being supported by clear medical evidence.

If you were not warned of a well known or potentially serious consequence of your treatment, if you bring a medical negligence claim you must also prove that you would not have undergone the treatment had you been warned of those consequences.

If you are concerned about a particular risk or the possibility of a certain outcome, the best person to raise this with is your doctor.

If you, a family member or friend have suffered injury due to medical negligence, is is important to obtain advice from an expert medical negligence and personal injury lawyer. Call 1300 773 529 or email a personal injury lawyer at We can then arrange an initial telephone conference to discuss.

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