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A bull rider who sustained severe injuries was recently successful in a claim for workers compensation, where his industry insurance coverage was inadequate.

Having enjoyed early rodeo success, the claimant had planned to move to the USA to pursue a bull riding career. That dream came to a sudden end just before his 19th birthday.

He was participating in a public performance in Camden when he was thrown from a bucking bull. His head collided with the bull’s and his ear was torn away by its horn.

The doctors at that time did not expect him to survive the incident. He pulled through, but the injury left him with a traumatic brain injury and the need for full time care.

As the industry insurance coverage provided an inadequate $50,000 for his injuries, the claimant’s compensation lawyers approached the case with a strategy that had never been tested before. The compensation lawyers argued that the claimant met the definition of a worker under the workers compensation legislation – specifically, that his bull riding classified him as an ‘entertainer’ under the deemed worker provisions of the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998.

As liability was disputed by the workers compensation insurer, the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO) provided funding for the claimant’s legal representation and the case was successful.

The claimant, now 22, was awarded lifetime cover for medical expenses, travel expenses, weekly payments until retirement age, a lump sum estimated at about $200,000 and payments for his mother as a carer.

The facts and circumstances of every case are unique. When a person has sustained an injury, their future well being is at stake if their rights to treatment and financial security are not determined early on.

Speaking to a compensation lawyer can help clarify your options and entitlements, which may include significant lump sum compensation.

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