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Workers Compensation – How do I Claim?

When claiming for Workers Compensation benefits, both you and your employer have responsibilities. Time frames are important and you must notify your insurer as soon as possible.

Our Workers Compensation lawyers are specialists in dealing with Workers Compensation claims and are dedicated to ensuring the process is simple and clear.

If you are an injured worker you will not be receiving your regular income and may be faced with additional bills for medical expenses. We are prepared to meet the costs of an initial expert medical report if required to investigate a Workers Compensation claim.


Making a Workers Compensation Claim

If you are injured at work, you may qualify for Workers Compensation benefits. The injury must be a direct result of your employment or happen in the course of your employment. In some cases, if you are a sub-contractor or people deemed to be workers (volunteers, work experience students), you may also be eligible for a compensation claim.


Car Accident Claims

Our Accident Law Specialists can provide an initial no obligation assessment of your car accident claim.

If you instruct our firm to represent you, we will assist with lodging the Claim Forms and preparation, including medical and other evidence to support your case. We can then act for you when speaking and negotiating with the Insurance Company to maximise your entitlements.

Matthews Folbigg Lawyers, Parramatta have a team of accident specialists who can advise you in relation to your car accident claim. Call one of our experts today on 1300 773 529.