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Car accidents and motor vehicle accidents can occur in just about any situation and on any road within Australia.

You are entitled to make a car accident claim if you are not at fault or not entirely at fault and if someone else is at fault for causing the car accident.

Passengers in particular have no difficulty in making a successful claim as they are almost never at fault for causing a car accident. There are situations where both drivers are partly to blame for causing a car accident and liability is often divided between them on a percentage basis, entitling both to a claim against each other.

Our Car Accident Lawyers can provide practical solutions and exceptional results in relation to your compensation claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. Call 1300 773 529 or email a Car Accident lawyer at We can then arrange an initial telephone conference to discuss.

Matthews Folbigg has over 50 years’ experience protecting personal injury rights of people living in Parramatta and the Hills.