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Work Injury or Motor Accident? Alternative Avenues of Compensation.

The 2012 amendments to the NSW workers compensation legislation limited the benefits available to workers injured in their employment. However, sometimes workers compensation legislation is not the only avenue to pursue for legal entitlements.

A recent case involved an employee injured when his colleague accidently struck him with a forklift at work. In this case, a workers compensation claim would have required the employee to demonstrate 15% impairment of whole person to obtain compensation for past and future wage loss.

But the worker also claimed under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act which addresses motor accidents that give rise to work injuries, due to the negligence of an employer. Under this legislation, he was successful in claiming wage losses, past and future treatment expenses, as well as domestic assistance. This claim was founded under the motor accidents legislation and provided a better result for the employee than a workers compensation claim was likely to produce.

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